Xovis 3d

Simple design, smart functionality and embedded processing are the cornerstones of Xovis sensors' build, the number 1 in shopper track & flow monitoring. 

The unique Xovis 3D people counting & tracking sensors you find here.

Xovis PC2R People Counting Sensor

Cutting-edge technology made with Swiss precision

Xovis provides solutions that inspire our customers and integrators alike. Xovis has developed it with people in mind – from the human eye to the human mind. 

The neural networks on our sensors have layers like an onion. Each one is trained to group and identify bits of information that comes from images captured by the sensor's two lenses.       

Xovis includes a multisensor framework, queue detection and physical distancing management. These have been developed to answer challenges faced daily by whatever industry you are coming from. 

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3D technology chip

3D technology 

Similar to the workings of the human eye, ceiling mounted Xovis 3D sensors capture the scene below using stereo vision. The two wide-angle lenses perceive the scene from different perspectives (left and right images). The sensor calculates this optical disparity for every pixel of the image. This results in a precise depth map or 3D image of the whole scene. It is calculated up to thirty times per second in real time.

Privacy & Security

The 3D sensors are equipped with artificial intelligence and process data directly on the device (edge computing) – allowing people to be counted in line with data protection guidelines. The sensors transmit the people coordinates as distinct dots only.