PI-GES - Gender Statistics Firmware License (yearly fee)

Prix réduit€48,00 EUR


Do not purchase this License if the Xovis sensor has NOT been purchased in our Web Shop!

This is an annual fee per Xovis PC2S / SE sensor and needs to be canceled 3 month in advance if no longer needed.

This Extension can be tested free of charge for 30 days!


Gender Statistic

Our Xovis sensors can recognize how a person expresses gender and detects whether a person is female or male and thus identify this basic target group. Capture the demographics of your incoming visitor traffic to gain valuable customer insight that helps you make strategic decisions surrounding product displays, advertising, and inventory.

    • Sensors count all people, recognize whether a person is female or male and thus identify this basic target group
    • AI firmware has been trained to visually distinguish people whether they are female or male. When the plugin is activated, the AI firmware mimics the human eye, and focus on facial features, the overall upper body and movement patterns
    • Male and female passers-by are visualized live in Vemco Analytics for easy verification
    • Collected data over time provides the proportion of female and male customers/visitors for further analytics
    • Vemcount package needed to utilise/perform Gender analysis.
    • GDPR Compliant. AI-based people/gender counting algorithm is provide as an embedded solution. Everything is computed on the sensor, with no need for external processing power.

Max mounting height & device type
    Sensor Type PC2S / PC2R Standard PC2S / PC2R - L PC2S / PC2R - UL
    Mounting Height Range [m] 2.4 – 4.0 2.5 – 4.0 2.4 – 3.25
    Mounting Height Range [ft] 7.8 – 13.1 8.2 – 13.1 7.8 – 10.6


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