FAQ - General

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What is Vemcount Analytics, and what can I use it for?

Vemcount is an all-in-one data analytics solution for footfall counting that offers the full customer-tracking experience. Vemcount counters capture detailed and accurate data about customer flow, queue times, traffic patterns, dwell zones, conversion rates, outside traffic, marketing and sales performance, customers’ gender and height, and even social distancing and mask-wearing measurements.


You can see all of these details in real-time on the Vemcount dashboard and create custom reports with combined data to glean actionable insights that help you optimize your business processes.

Can I use Vemcount without the sensors?

No. Vemcount needs the data collected by the sensors to analyze it and produce reports with actionable insights.

The sensors register the visitor behavior producing isolated data, and Vemcount Analytics interprets and contextualize it so you can understand their behavior. With the information on hands, you can decide what is best to do.

Is Vemcount Analytics a cloud service or a physical software to be installed?

Both. Vemcount can be acquired as a hosted service (Software as a Service – SaaS) or as a software to run in your private cloud.

You can have more information about them: Hosted & Private Cloud.

Is there a subscription plan to access Vemcount features?

If you choose our Hosted option, the acquisition model is through subscriptions plans: Lite, Basic, Business & Enterprise.
Please, click in the respective link for detailed information.

 What languages is the dashboard panel available in?

Vemcount is available in 21 languages: English, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Germany, French, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Chinese (S&T), Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Czech, Hebrew, Slovak.

How do I determine the best sensor for my business?

It will depend on the solutions you need the most. You can talk to one of our consultants and they will guide you.

Does Vemcount produce reports in a daily basis?

Yes, you can access tailor-made Reports daily. Not only that, but you can also view and divide visitor data by minute, hour, day, week, month, or year. Vemcount produces valuable insights across multiple data sources and how they relate. You can also use historical data to optimize your operational effectiveness, and export the data in formats such as Excel and PDF with just one click.

Can I test the software before buying?

Of course you can. You can get a free demo-trial for 14 days of Vemcount Analytics. All you need to do is to contact us and have a call with one of our colleagues. You will have access to the full version of our software, where the only limitation is time - 14 days.

How many devices will I need per store for counting?

The number of devices required depends on the height of the ceiling and the width of the entrance. If you give us more detailed information on your facility (plans, photos, diagrams) and the desired protection level, our team can advise you on the installation layout. You may send the data over email and we will give you an estimation of the number of sensors.

Does Vemcount software support multiple counters?

Definitely, yes. Vemcount supports multiple counters and the data from different sensors can be combined and viewed in your analytics reports. You can combine the counts of the 2 (or more) sensors and view the total traffic IN and OUT or you can view IN and OUT traffic individually.

Does Vemcount integrate with sales data and show that on the dashboard?

Yes, you can import your sales into our dashboard manually, or automatically via FTP/API. Vemcount analyzes the correlation between sales and traffic.


You can explore and discover more correlations in the data, adding depth to your analysis, by integrating Vemcount also with your ERP, BI, workforce, and other systems for an all-encompassing solution. 

Is Vemcount Analytics GDPR compliant?

Vemcount is GDPR COMPLIANT. No personal data is stored.


Vemcount is developed to be 100% in accordance to GDPR guidelines. We value privacy, so all counting data remains anonymous. We guarantee no faces or personal data are recorded.


How does Vemcount protect consumers' privacy?

Vemcount is totally GDPR compliant to protect your privacy. Our footfall counters are unable to collect personally identifiable information such as economic factors, cultural and ethnic identifiers, mental and physical health, or geographic location. 


Footfall counters collect anonymous data on footfall count, dwell time, occupancy levels, distance measurement, height, gender differences, traffic patterns, and view directions. 


While count accuracy is essential in footfall counting, personally identifiable information gathered via facial recognition technology is not utilized, nor is it beneficial to the purposes of analyzing traffic flow and optimizing customer service.


Again: Vemcount is 100% GDPR compliant. Vemcount does not collect or store any personally identifiable information. All the collected data is entirely anonymous and used only to improve business efficiencies and enhance customer experiences. Personal information is in no way required for these intended functions.


Vemcount also takes data security seriously. We use high-grade encryption, secure VLANs, firewalls, and IDS/IPS, as well as dedicated cloud security from Prueba CyberSecurity. Based on the performance security assessment, our external systems achieved the highest possible Security level.

What should I do before installing the counting system?

The best to do is to talk to someone in our sales teams, so you can have a personalized assistance from choosing the best sensors and the necessary amount of them, to how to install them and perform Vemcount dashboard.


You can help the team by providing a floor plan so they can identify the best camera locations and zones. Prior to the installation, you may need to prepare static IPs for the cameras. Other than that, we can be in charge of the rest.

Which features are included in Vemcount's dashboard?

The Dashboard is totally customizable. It gives you freedom to build the dashboard from scratch or you can choose a template from the library. Your dashboard gives you an overview of KPIs and valuable insights about your business. Every user can add custom widgets based on visitors, KPI, weather, and events.


These our main features: 


Footfall Tracking – Keep track of every time a person enters and exits your space in real-time and how traffic converts into sales.

Occupancy Management – Find out how many customers are at your place at any given moment. Receive alerts if you reach the limit of your guests.

Covid-19 Tools – Vemco Group supports businesses to respond to Covid-19 new regulations by operating more safely and efficiently with our tools.

Queue Management – Our sensors track visitors' journey and dwell time where they are stationary. Vemcount uses the dwell time to calculate the queue lengths.

Tenant Revenue Management – Use Vemcount insights to predict demand and make more strategic decisions over pricing to maximize revenue.

Facility Management – Accurate real-time insights provide you with a well-built database to offer an outstanding office experience.

Parking Management – Guide cars from the street right into your surface lot. Know exactly how many vehicles are in parking lot at any given time.

Pedestrian Management – Your definitive tool to access quantitative insights about the number of visitors, traffic flows, and pedestrian area usage.

Can I view data through smart phone or tablet?

Yes. Vemcount is a cloud-based solution, so you get on-demand access to it from any device. Just download our app Vemcount and navigate as you usually do in your desktop.

FAQ - Technical

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How can you ensure that critical data (e.g., payment card number) is properly masked and that only authorized individuals have access to the entirety of the data?

We do not store cc numbers, but our KPI’s are as valuable, and are kept safe via protection/auth layers, and accessed via encrypted channels.

How do you protect digital identities and credentials and use them in cloud applications?

Password is hashed (as mentioned in a previous question). When it comes to digital identifiers, we do not require one. One can use an anonymous username in the sense that an email is not required.

What data do you collect about customers (logs, etc.)? How is it stored? How is the data used? How long will it be stored?

Actions are stored in logs for auditing purposes. As well as external ip that was used to access software, as this is used for whitelist IP security checking as well. Logs are stored for 12months

Can you guarantee that third-party and service provider access to shared logs and resources won’t reveal proprietary and confidential information about our organization?

Yes, as key organization data isn’t identifiable in the software.

Data protection

How do you separate the company's data from other customer's data?

We have a tenant layer, where each customer can have their own database, which does not mix with other customers, and second by permission layers.

Where do you store the company's data?

We store in EU – Frankfurt for cloud, on-premises solution is also available.

How strong is your encryption and data integrity?

Let’s encrypt SSL – SHA-256 RSA.

What kind of authentication and access control procedures are in place?

User/password for web login, with option to add whitelist IP check.

For Api access there is a Api key + token guard.


What is the documentation available for auditors?

Quarterly penetration/security tests are made by external company and are available to customers.


How do you get data from the company to you? 

And how do you transfer data from one place to another? 


HTTPS / TCP though secure layers


What are the data leak prevention capabilities installed within the infrastructure? (if applicable)


By logging everything we can find out who and where the data was brached and take appropriate measurements to stop the hole.

Vulnerability management

Can you show evidence of a vulnerability management program for the infrastructure used to process, transmit and store the company’s data?

Yes we use AlertLogic which has processes in place.

How often do you scan for vulnerabilities on your network and applications?

Monthly basis, with a quarterly full report unless anything new is found during the monthly scans.

Can we conduct an external vulnerability assessment on your network, and if so, how?

Yes, if granted by AWS. If not you can conduct the assessment on a on-premises version of the software.

Application securtiy

Do you follow any specific guidelines for application development?

Yes we have strict guidelines for both code formatting, testing quality and readability for future changes to be done easier.

Are you ISO-27001, GDPR, PCI compliant?

GDPR – yes

PCI – not a credit card company.


What application security measures (if any) do you use in your production environment (e.g., application-level firewall, database auditing)? 

Penetration tests perform application level testing as well as database level testing.

Logs and audit trails

Are changes to the production environment documented, tested and approved prior to implementation?


Can we have dedicated storage of logs and audit trails, and if so, how?

No, logs are stored in database, software is the secure portal to view these logs.

Are your data centers under local compliance requirements? If so, which ones?




End of Service support

Specify what you will deliver at the end-of-service period with the company.

Nothing out of the ordinary, once terminated the access will be revoked and deleted once the process is final.

Will data be packaged and delivered back to the company? If so, in what format?

If requested, data can be sent in a zip format with a sql dump of all kpi data.

How soon will the company have all our data back?

Within 14 work days.


Release management

Are changes to the production environment documented, tested and approved prior to implementation?



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