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About the product:

About the product:

Vemcount on-premise cloud is delivered as VMware image or Hyper-V image for virtual environment.

  • Traffic analytics
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Live occupancy solution
  • Software updates 
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Data Integration (CSV)
  • Occupancy solution
  • SMS Alerts to employees/security - (Price per SMS - 0.1, - euro)
  • WhatsApp messages - (price per message 0.03, - euro)
  • MQTT alert for raspberry PI 4 to trigger any third party device like turning green/red flash light on, siren or even trigger automatic doors to close and open, depending on the live occupancy number
  • Webhook integration an easy integration with customers internal telecommunication
  • Audio alerts when occupancy reached

     License prices can be viewed and managed in the software after 30 days  trial period.

    Footfall Analytics Features

    • Customer Flow: Find out how many people visit and leave a location with up to 98% accuracy and which entrances/exits are used more/less.

    • Peak Times: Identify peak times during the day, month or year and optimize your business operations.

    • Benchmark Locations: Compare and rank your locations based on performance through hourly or daily update.
    • Conversion Rate: Integrate Vemcount with your POS-system and get insights into how traffic converts into sales.ed top/bottom lists

    Privacy counts too

    All Footfall counting service providers must meet the following criteria to be considered fully GDPR compliant:

    • They may not collect or store any personally identifiable information, such as a person’s facial features.
    • They may only use footfall counters to collect anonymous information regarding metrics like counts, volume, and time.

    • They need to seek permission to store and use a person’s personal data and notify the person about the gathered information's intended use.

    GDPR compliant

    • Their business doesn’t need to be located in the EU. They could be located anywhere else in the world, but as long as they collect data from European residents, they must follow the guidelines.
    • They must implement data security in every process and product from the beginning.
    • As per GDPR laws, a subject is within their rights to request access to the data companies hold on them.

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