Brickstream 2500 sensor with 6.0mm stereo lens

Sale price€1.370,00 EUR


  • Captures in-depth customer and site metrics including traffic, queuing and service
  • Works in varied conditions (dim or bright lighting, indoors or out, high or low mount)
  • Simple, unobtrusive, overhead mounting (recessed mount available)
  • Supports tilt on both the X and Y axis
  • Supports up to 32 metric collection zones per sensor
  • Height filtering can exclude children or count children separately
  • Filter zones, exclusion lines and pass lines enable tailoring for specific traffic situations
  • Shopping units are used to improve conversion rate accuracy
  • Multi-sensor path linking
  • Privacy filters
  • Employee filtering feature for true customer counts
  • Remote device configuration and management via standard web browser
  • Remote task automation across large number of cameras using vemcount device manager
  • Remote on-demand or scheduled accuracy validation •Java-free interface• No in-store computer required
  • Max mounting height of 14m.

- 12 months warranty included.

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