TD 2D smart counting sensor

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About the product:

Brief Introduction

Truly differentiating itself amongst its peers is the TD-1001 which achieves a higher level of count accuracy with its powerful data capturing and built-in analytics.
It is ideal for use in indoor environments with low to medium passenger flow for traffic intelligence purposes including traffic flow and dwell statistics, passers-by statistics, zone occupancy and hot spots visualization etc. T
With Vemcount API and use of TD-1001 enables businesses to integrate traffic intelligence with other systems such as ERP, POS, CRM, Business Intelligence and the third party applications like mobile Apps, digital signage etc.


High Performance
The image processing capability of TD-1001 is faster than most of other 2D video based sensors and its accuracy rate can be as higher as 95% under normal situations.

The same device can be easily configured to count bi-directional traffic flow, collect number of passers-by, calculate dwell time, present hot zones, and uniquely alert operators when detecting abnormal traffic.

All TD devices can be easily set up, maintained and upgraded to advanced version firmware, through user-friendly web interface, either locally or remotely over Internet.

Ease of Implementation
All TD sensors embed analytics in device and transmit counting data package through the Ethernet, with no need to put extra computing devices and streaming servers on premise, expediting your system implementation.

All TD devices support perpendicular or tilt installation, recessed or wall/ceiling mounting, standard or custom business reporting.
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