Automated Live Occupancy and Social Distancing Tracking Solution

Many countries have introduced regulations for stores and public places to restrict amount of visitors. Denmark started in march 2020 with min 1000 people in same area, week after they changed this amount to 100, week after to only 10 people at same place. For stores, offices, and closed areas they calculated 4sqm per every visitor. Distance between person to person should be min 2 meters to avoid getting corona virus. This is one of challenges in supermarkets, grocery stores and drugstores where technology is needed to constantly remind customers about current occupancy, free spaces or distance from person to person live measurement at location.

Vemco Group is first company worldwide that with help of Mc-Kinney Møller Institute introduced algorithms to analyze social distance tracking solution using accurate 3D AI tracking technology. 

We have created  different packages that will help your company to count, track, analyze and show live data on your internal screen or even your own website or app. Packages will be delivered as Plug&Play solution.

Sensors are standard and can be mounted up to max 6 meter high ceiling, if your ceiling is higher please contact us. One sensor will cover same distance as ceiling height so 1=1 calculation can be used. 3.5meter ceiling height= 3,5 meter entrance width. It is possible to stitch up to 9 sensors together to covering larger area.
Live Occupancy - Pople counting

Live Occupancy Real-Time people counting solution (for main entrance)

1x Vemcount Lite licens
1x 3D Sensor
1x raspberry Pi with Vemco Screen SW (showing live data on your tv screen at entrance

Get covid19 social distance person to person tracking as well solution can be used for queue tracking (for one cashier, queue control)

Social Distancing Solution

1x Vemcount Bussiness licens
3x Xovis PC2S-L-AI
1x Raspberry Pi with Vemco Screen SW (showing live social distancing behavior)
Recommendation for tv-screen Samsung 13" Klasse QBR Series LED-display (not included)