Brickstream 2300 sensor with 3.8 mm stereo lens (EOL)

Economize €840,00 EUR

Preço promocional€550,00 EUR Preço normal€1.390,00 EUR


  • The Brickstream 3D industry leading intelligent counting, increased coverage, integrated mounting and backward compatibility to help analytics service providers deploy value added people counting and tracking solutions.
  • Brickstream 3D provides a true picture of customer traffic.
  • Brickstream 3D supports an integrated surface mount and wide range of mounting heights with only 2 lens options for easier inventory management and deployment.
  • Vemcount have device manager that simplifies configuration by easily enabling remote access to sensors in the field and reduces maintenance effort by automating task management across large deployments from one central point.

- 12 months warranty.

- End-of-life model - available as long as stock lasts!

- Mounting height from 4.5m up to 7m

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