NB-IoT People Counter - Horizontal Infrared Technology Indoor and Outdoor

Style: Indoor
Color: White
Preço promocional€270,00 EUR


Introducing our NB-IoT People Counter - the cutting-edge solution for accurate indoor and outdoor counting! Leveraging horizontal infrared technology, this system is equipped with two battery-powered sensors, a transmitter, and a receiver. With a remarkable range of 6-8 meters across entrances or paths, it ensures precise "In" and "Out" counting for a variety of applications.

Effortless Data Transfer: Harnessing the power of NB-IoT or M2M technology, the count data is seamlessly transferred using a SIM card at regular intervals. This makes it suitable for diverse markets, providing invaluable insights for your business or venue.

Versatile Mounting Options: Our NB-IoT People Counter comes complete with mounting plates, offering flexibility in installation. Securely mount it with screws or double-sided mounting tape to adapt to your specific needs.

Long-lasting Performance: Powered by AA batteries, the sensors boast an impressive lifespan of up to one year with standard usage. For those seeking outdoor functionality, an optional outdoor casing is available, providing extended durability and protection.

Weatherproof and Durable: The weatherproof casing ensures resilience against harsh outdoor elements. Ideal for deployment in public toilets, footpaths, park entrances or museums.

Two Editions for Custom Fit: Choose the edition that suits your entrance width best:

  • Black Front Cover: Perfect for entrance widths up to 3 meters.
  • Clear Front Cover: Tailored for entrance widths up to 5 meters.

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