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ERS Desk represents a cutting-edge LoRaWAN™ sensor specifically designed to monitor desk occupancy. Strategically mounted under the desk, it efficiently detects and identifies desk usage, whether the individual is standing or sitting. This versatile sensor finds extensive applications in dynamic workplace management, facility management, and workplace statistics.

Moreover, ERS Desk goes beyond occupancy tracking, as it also includes features to measure temperature, humidity, and light levels. It operates on two 3.6V AA lithium batteries, providing an impressive battery life of up to 5 years, subject to factors like sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environmental conditions. For precise battery life estimation, users can access our online battery lifetime calculator.

Elsys ensures user-friendly configuration with the integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) in all sensors, facilitating effortless setup using an Android phone. By employing our "Sensor Settings" application, users can modify sample rates, data rates, encryption keys, triggers, activation, and more. Additionally, all parameters can be remotely adjusted from the server, offering unmatched flexibility.

As a testament to our commitment to quality, all our sensors are built upon the robust LoRaWAN™ stack developed by Semtech. They are compatible with various channel plans, supporting US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928, and KR920-923 frequencies, making them globally adaptable for seamless integration into diverse smart environments.


Specifications ERS Desk

  • LoRa Alliance Certified
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Occupancy (body sense)
  • NFC for easy configuration
  • Over the air configuration
  • Size : 86x86x26mm
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5°C, ±2%rh
  • Resolution: 0.1°C, 0.1%rh
  • Approx. range: 8km*
  • Battery life: 5 years**
  • US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928, KR920-923
  • 2 x 3.6V AA lithium battery

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