3D Pedestrian Counter for Passerby / Peel off Traffic

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A new feature of the Intenta S1000 now allows the sensor to be used as a pedestrian counter. Benefit from proven algorithms of our 3D sensors and their high accuracy and determine the capture rate of your store with reliable data. Furthermore, not only passers-by are getting counted, but also the dwell time of people in front of your display window can be measured. While doing so you can quantify the attractivity of your shown products and shop window design. The sensor is simply mounted inside the display window using a special mounting bracket and then reliably delivers anonymous data about the pedestrian traffic in front of your store.

Detection area Up to 5 m depth x 4 m width

Your benefits:

Determine the capture rate of your store

Measure the dwell time before your display window

Easy and fast installation in the shop window

100% anonymous and GDPR compliant

Very high accuracy with 3D sensors

Ready to install Set which contains:

  • Intenta S1000-SLC/MC
  • Ceiling mount
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mounting material


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