Xovis PC3-UH - Indoor sensor

Xovis PC3-UH - Indoor sensor

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About the product:
Mounting height up to 20 m.

The Xovis PC3 people counting sensor and its plug&play firmware go beyond conventional people counting:

  • Unmatched accuracy in people counting and dwell time measurement
  • Real-time data
  • Large area coverage with the Xovis Multisensor (connecting up to nine sensors)
  • Four privacy protection levels, meeting every privacy requirement
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)


The Xovis PC3 sensor and its plug&play firmware enable applications that go beyond conventional people counting. As embedded systems capable of communicating with each other, powerful solutions can be implemented with comparably low infrastructure requirements. With the data processed on the sensor itself, real-time data is available for immediate action and count lines and zones can be drawn on the sensor individually. Besides standard applications like traffic counting, zone occupancy, dwell/waiting times and heat maps, event and object stream data is available for high-level analysis. With its unmatched accuracy, the Xovis PC3 sensor is the perfect sensor to cover heights up to 20m.

12 months warranty included.

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