SPI-PU1 Xovis SPIDER processing unit

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About the product:

The Xovis SPIDER is an IoT device specifically designed for real time path analysis and in-store analytics.

The Xovis SPIDER combines coordinate streams from single Xovis PC sensors to a multisensor, allowing a seamless tracking of persons throughout a large area. Numerous person paths are handled simultaneously. The multisensor coordinate stream is further analyzed on the Xovis SPIDER to trigger specific events, calculate KPIs and dynamically detect queues. This data can be received via data push to be integrated into a complete application.

Explanatory model of the Xovis SPIDER

Xovis SPIDER explanatory model

Counting lines and zones

Counting lines and zones can be configured anywhere in the multisensor scene to provide specific events and KPIs.

Dynamic queue detection

With the dynamic queue detection queues can reliably be detected, even in complicated areas where people cross the queue or stand nearby. Queue shape and size are not static but dynamically adjusted. Therefore, the actual number of queuing people is more accurate than the fill level of a static zone. Multiple queues can be configured per scene. The queue detection algorithm delivers KPIs and events that can be integrated into systems like in-store solutions.

  • Coordinates of all persons (legacy and new format that will be extended)
  • Zone and queue occupancy of all persons


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