COVID-19 Maximum capacity, Real-time occupancy & space availablity with Hikvision 3D

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Retailers and supermarkets continue to focus on employee and customer safety against Covid-19, through protective equipment, social distancing and limiting store occupancy.

To support retailers in keeping their customers safe and comply with restrictions we have added a new feature to our software offering a real-time customer count to easily keep track of the number of customers in store.

Presenting this information through a display screen at the front of the store, customers can instantly see how many customers are already in the store and how many available spaces are left. This would help visitors to understand immediately if they can enter or not.

The stores live occupancy count can also be embedded and displayed online too.

Solution can be used any places where available spaces need to be showed like a supermarkets, pharmacies, retail stores or even church.

Occupancy screen widget is now customizable, allowing the style of the display to reflect the colors and font of the store and branding

1 sensor will cover one entrance, Rasberry PI needed to

 Package include:

  • 1x Hikvision
  • Covid19- live occupancy screen solution
  • 1x PoE Injector
  • 12 mth. Hosted Lite package license (can be upgraded)
  • 1x Rasberry PI 4 incl vemcount image for TV screens
  • SMS Alerts to employees/security - (Price per SMS - 0.1,- euro )
  • Whatsapp messages - (price per message 0,03,- euro)
  • MQTT alert for raspberry PI 4 to trigger any third party device like turning green/red flash light, siren or even trigger automatic doors to close and open , depending on the live occupancy number.
  • Webhook integration an easy integration with customers internal telecommunication.
  • Audio Alerts when occupancy reached
  • Online support for help with installation and data validation with 98% guaranteed accuracy
  • Footfall Traffic Analytics
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Shopping carts, trolleys exclusion
  • Software Updates
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Data Integration (CSV)




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