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About the product:

About the product:

Retailers and supermarkets continue to focus on employee and customer safety against the pandemic, through protective equipment, social distancing and limiting  occupancy.

Vemcount occupancy counting in bathrooms is useful for adjusting cleaning staff work schedule according to occupancy trends. ​Detailed information about occupancy traffic per hour, day, week or month gives you the opportunity to plan cleaning staff work more accurately and save staff-hour resources. You can set up automated SMS/Whatsapp real time notifications for cleaners when the number of visitors reached a specified amount. Easy to reset system to 0 visitors after cleaning is done.

The benefits of monitoring occupancy in washrooms and restrooms doesn’t stop at enabling live occupancy and protecting safety.

  1. Better hygiene - Switch from fixed cleaning schedules to demand based and provide a consistent level of cleanliness and sanitisation.
  2. Improved employee wellbeing and satisfaction – Hygiene and cleanliness of toilet facilities is a common cause of stress for employees. An occupancy monitoring solution can help to reassure them that their health and wellbeing is prioritised.
  3. Cost reduction – Improved hygiene can reduce the spread of illness and the number sick days required, whilst demand based cleaning can optimise the deployment of cleaning staff.

The package includes:

  • 1 x Xovis PC2S AI people counter
  • Capacity control
  • Usage control
  • Real time occupancy dashboard for TV screen solution
  • Real-time Face mask detection
  • 1x PoE Injector
  • 12 mth. Hosted Basic package license (can be upgraded)
  • 1x Raspberry PI 4 incl. vemcount image for TV screens
  • SMS Alerts to employees/security - (Price per SMS - 0.1, - euro)
  • WhatsApp messages - (price per message 0.08, - euro)
  • MQTT alert for raspberry PI 4 to trigger any third party device like turning green/red flash light, siren or even trigger automatic doors to close and open, depending on the live occupancy number.
  • Webhook integration an easy integration with customers internal telecommunication.
  • Audio Alerts when occupancy reached
  • Online support for help with installation and data validation with 98% guaranteed accuracy
  • Footfall Traffic Analytics
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Employee, shopping carts, trolleys exclusion
  • Software Updates
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Data Integration (API)
  • Fully GDPR compliant

12 months warranty included.


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