Brickstream 2300 2.5mm footfall counter sensor

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About the product:

About the product:

The Brickstream 3D sensor uses stereo vision analytics to provide highly accurate anonymous information about how people move into, around and out of physical places, such as stores. Brickstream 3D integrates real-time data capture and behavior analytics to provide a wide range of traffic, queue, service, other behavior metrics. Used by retailers, mall operators, entertainment venues, transportation facilities, healthcare facilities and others to improve customer service, optimize labor and increase revenues.


A mere 2.6” x 6.1” x 1.3”, the Brickstream 3D collects and stores metrics in 1-minute intervals. It accurately collects metrics across a broad set of environments including indoor/outdoor and high traffic areas. It adjusts automatically to environmental changes such as lighting and temperature. It processes the 3D stereo images in the device itself, so no PC is required in the store/location. It can be configured using a web interface. It mounts overhead with support for oblique views. Flash memory stores configuration settings and up to 80 days of data. Data packaged are delivered over HTTP/HTTPS protocol to vemcount. Digital I/O for external device and system integration. Supports up to 32 discrete metric collection zones.


The Brickstream 3D includes two digital I/O ports. These ports can be used as control interfaces. For example, they can interface to door control systems to suppress a door opening when visitors are passing by the entry rather than trying to enter the space. The interface can also be used to suppress EAS alarms based on whether the tag is entering or exiting the store.


Like all Brickstream devices, the Brickstream 3D is an IP device that can be accessed and managed over the network. In addition,  vemcount device manager can be used to remotely configure and manage entire deployments of Brickstream sensors.

Download brickstream 3D datasheet (pdf)

How it Works

Stereo Video

Two lenses are used to capture 3D video. The height, direction, mass and velocity of people and objects in the field of view are extracted and used to identify people (and groups moving together, such as families) from the background and from objects such as strollers and shopping carts. This “track” of behavior information also includes a timestamp. Together, this track tells a powerful story – an adult and/or child traveling alone or in a group has entered the space at a specific time-of-day, from a particular direction and is moving at a known speed. With this information, the visitor’s experience – wait time in a line, for example – can be improved.

Integrating stereo vision capture and analytics processing at the edge in a purpose-built device reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for additional computers or bandwidth. An integrated web server enables complete configuration and management via standard web browsers either locally or remotely over a LAN/WAN. The system scales by simply adding additional devices to the network. Industry standard 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet is supported to facilitate utilization of existing networking infrastructure and network management tools.

Control Intelligence

Brickstream automated control solutions leverage our Brickstream smart devices to manage other systems. Upon detecting appropriate events, Brickstream appliances send signals to trigger automated responses:

  • Lower energy costs by opening doors only when people are entering or leaving, not when just walking past
  • Power on tag readers only when customers are nearby
  • Turn on or off checkout lights when a cashier arrives or leaves
  • Integrate with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) readers to filter out false alarms

12 months warranty included.

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