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About the product:

About Vector 4D

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The Vector 4D is the latest product from Irisys and is the result of many years of development and listening to customer feedback. Irisys have a reputation for high quality products and counting accuracy – the Vector 4D delivers both of these by utilizing innovative Time of Flight technology.

Time of Flight people counting uses invisible infrared light that ensures the same high level of accuracy in the brightest of sunlight and total darkness. In real world test installations, accuracy levels in excess of 99% were recorded.

Installation and setup is extremely simple; the PoE version requiring only one cable. Devices are able to be configured locally or remotely via the vemcount platform.

Using the estate manager platform, multiple devices can be configured to create one counting network to cover large openings or even entire stores. Specially created algorithms ensure customers are seamlessly tracked when moving between each device's field of view. This ensures accurate counting by any one of up to 32 registers that can be set up on each counting network.

Customer demographics can be estimated using height data that is accurate to within +/- 2cm deviation. This is much more accurate than other technologies used to count people which only estimate the height and can vary by as much as +/- 10cm. The Vector 4D has a smart auto height set up feature that learns the height of the floor it is looking at. Stairs and ramps are not an issue and accurate heights of customers using these can be detected. This precise height data could also be used to filter out children if required.

Employee Detection and Customer Dwell

These two functions are made possible thanks to the Time of Flight sensor technology. 

These features are hard to come by in a single sensor, and few do have these features working on a single sensor. But far too often we see manufacturers claim that their sensors have these feature, when they really don't, as they need to use external hardware for this to work. Therefore, you want to ensure yourself when looking for a new sensor system.

With the Vector 4D, these functions are built in as standard. The infrared Time of Flight sensor does not lose track of a person whether they are moving or standing still. And employees are easily detected by wearing a passive lanyard made of a special material.

Future blog posts in this series will detail how each of these functions work and some of the numerous applications that they can be used for.

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